37th Film Festival FAMUFEST

Concept & Art Direction / Jan Stuchlík & Edita Liessner
Graphic Design / Jan Stuchlík
Photography / Edita Liessner

Director of Photography / Jan Vališ
Production / Barbora Smotlachová 

Do you let the algorithm decide for you? In a world dominated by streaming platforms, the viewer crafts his own cinematic experience. Visual identity and campaign of the 37th FAMUFEST Film Festival focus on the contemporary viewer and force him to ponder the nature of present-day film production. As the viewer tackles the responsibility for his own choices, he is reimagined as an editor of his own spectrum.

When considering the direction of campaign communication, we predominantly opted for photography and widely used sans-serif subtitles. The viewer himself is portrayed in fragments only so as to represent humanity universally; his identity is never disclosed. We screened festival films on the viewer's body; captured details embodied the possibility of a spectrum perception that emphasises an emotional range the medium of film evokes.

Working with a large amount of material, as well as digital and printed output, was an important dimension of the project. Outputs included (among others) posters, billboards, a motion image, content for social media, infographics for an exhibition, advertising banners, stickers, invitation cards, vouchers, communication graphics for awards ceremony & online screening, awards package design, festival catalogue and collaboration on festival merchandise. 

Due to the pandemic restrictions, the campaign focused mainly on digital communication. As a result of that, we created a number of short videos and photographs for social media, including manipulated images of real places in Prague with a festival logo or a question. When visiting Instagram or Facebook, the user gained a false impression that the festival campaign was all over the city.

One of the tasks was to create a profile of each of the 69 screened films.
Consequentially, a separate photo was taken for every one of them.

The covers of the main Facebook event have undergone three phases, similarly, so have the campaign itself.
Before, during, and after the festival. As the COVID-19 restrictions toughened, we added a "Watch online" sticker.