I am a Czech photographer working at the intersection of documentary, fashion and fine art. Having trained as an art curator and art theorist, my approach to photography combines the intuitive work of an observer with intellectually-formed concepts. A strong emphasis on colour, a sharp eye for texture and significant detail characterise my work formally, however, an interest in the nature of humanity and the relationship between identity and place forms its mental heart. I ask myself: “What makes us human?“ relentlessly, yet carefully.

Whether working on personal or commercial projects, a sense of intimacy is for me of the utmost importance. It is why I often use analogue film processes; the solitary nature of photography makes my desire to be a good listener even greater.

I studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin.

Currently based in Prague,
but not afraid to travel.

Write me at

editaliessner@gmail.comor follow me on Instagram.

Press & Interviews

︎︎︎Semi Magazine: Short Stories on a Long Theme
︎︎︎C41:The fragmentary relationship
between people and the urban landscape

︎︎︎Stay at Home Photography:
A Conversation between
me and Natalia Poniatowska